“Spoofer” back at Bucklers Hard

Update Monday  1st September 2014:  Spoofer is  back ashore at Bucklers Hard, having cruised the south coasts of Devon and Cornwall for the summer.  She has performed well, surviving hurricane Bertha without a blemish, and acquired a few nice embellishments .

If you are thinking of looking for a boat at the Southampton Boat Show, than make a short detour to Bucklers Hard. This boat must be seen – it’s a steal for the money.

We have reviewed other similar yachts of this type currently advertised. Some are in a very sorry state, and we have to say that Spoofer is in a class of its own in terms of condition, maintenance and extras, and well worth the bargain price of £10,950.

Do yourself a favour and grab a real, genuine bargain!

Call  Martin Musgrove, at Kings Easton   01590 616316 or Richard Gaunt on 077 11 69 1928.

July 08 2014 08:00 am | The Boat

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