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A handy Dory, hard to come by these days

A 14ft Dell Quay Dory, hard to come by these days

Spoofer is in the Agamemmnon Boatyard on the beautiful Beaulieu River, one of southern England’s loveliest private rivers, part of the Beaulieu Estate  More . . .

Moorings are available on the river.  The following accessories are also for sale and you will have everything you need for a carefree existence on a swinging mooring anywhere.

Dory and outboard   Dell Quay Dory 13 No 8909 with a lightly used Tohatsu 18HP outboard (electric start). Fully maintained and stored ashore during winter months. 2 full size oars and a foul weather hood (never used, needs attention). No trailer.

Avon Redstart (4-man) with a  Yamaha 2HP outboard.  Stows away neatly on board. Engine fully maintained and stored ashore during the winter.  Dinghy floorboards and collapsible oars.

Also  for sale:

Extra long strong shore mooring/ towing line
Light, long anchor line
Medium , long, anchor line
2 Icom hand held VHF radios
Compass binoculars
Fishing equipment
Musto foul weather gear – large
Henri Lloyd foul weather gear –medium

The price for all this –including the boat -is £12,250 – superb value

February 22 2014 01:01 pm | The Boat

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