A fabulous sailer – The Jouet 760

Exif JPG 422The Jouet 760 is a fabulous boat for day sailing or longer voyages. We have taken Spoofer to the Scilly Isles, round the Bay of Biscay, and many short hops to Cherbourg, St Vaast and Deauville.

The boat is very safe, sails like a dream and has a good turn of speed. With the weight off, an empty water tank and a clean bottom, she’s a fast lady. We have recorded over 9.5 knots on the speedo, although for planning purposes assume 4.5 -5 knots. We do well in occasional club cruiser races and have a respectable collection of silver.

Last year (2014) a  voyage, from Bucklers Hard to Salcombe (105 NM), was completed in just 18 hours, an average speed of 5.8 knots, which includes motoring against the tide down the Beaulieu River and the Solent.

It is  easy to sail single handed, even with a spinnaker up. Under power, it turns on a sixpence and can be moored up easily. It has withstood some very strong winds and mountainous seas, and has never let us down. The cockpit is remarkably dry in heavy weather. If it blows up, reef early and see how she leaps through the water. The engine is economical and uses around 1 litre per hour. The tank+ spare has sufficient capacity for a 24-hour voyage, which will get you across to France and back.

February 22 2014 01:03 pm | The Boat

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